Monday, November 15, 2010

Fruit and yogurt smoothies

I love smoothies and I make all kinds of variations.  Most of them involve whatever fruit is in the house/freezer and a bit of fruit juice.  However, these are the super simple version that we've been making regularly for awhile now.  They freeze nicely and are great to take somewhere to eat later, since they thaw in a few hours.

These are the ingredients:
Plain yogurt
Ripe bananas
Frozen strawberries

These come out with just the right slushy consistency if you use fresh bananas and frozen strawberries, but you can vary it however you want.  I have no exact measurements, so I am listing below how we do it around here.  I call my DD8 the "Smoothie Queen" because she whips these up for everyone all on her own, leaving me free to do other cooking/baking.

First of all, I buy big tubs of yogurt from Costco because we go through a fair amount of this stuff.  We use it as a replacement for sour cream, too.

I scoop TWO big spoonfuls of yogurt into the blender.

 I add ONE ripe banana.  After the yogurt and banana are in the blender, I blend it well.  It is easiest to do this before adding rock hard strawberries to the mix!

Then I add 5-6 frozen strawberries.  We also buy the big bag of strawberries from Costco since we use them fairly quickly.  Blend again until desired consistency.  I like slightly chunky smoothies, but my kids prefer them smooth.  Each of these "recipes" makes one big serving.

I drop the fruit through the top of my blender, blending in just one or two strawberries at a time.  I cover it with my hand to keep the bottoms of my cabinets clean. :0)  Sometimes we add pineapple to these, too.  Feel free to throw in whatever you have on hand!

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